Why Us?


  • Deep inside, you know your Spider Sense is tingling when you see our printing results.
  • You will always be our best friend! We shall be there during the important occasions of your life; as long as you invite us in!
  • Did you know we personally hand picked the type of inks and printers that will give you nothing but the luvable pixeltastic experience on your tees?
  • The more you print from us, you will never know the surprise reward you will be getting from us each time!
  • We only use 100% premium cotton T-Shirt!
  • Your tee will be ready in just plain hours! No more waiting for days or weeks to get the job done!
  • Should we feel your designs are awesome, we always welcome you in our super-duper-lastic  collection of tees artwork to bring you extra ca-ching ca-ching in return!
  • We are your very own personal assistant that will help you be the hot topic of your friends! We don’t simply follow trends, we create them exclusively for you!
  • We shall extravagant your life till you plea for more!
  • Help us grow, connect with us and we shall bring our very own Bandvagon Comic Con Festival whenever possible!



By now, we are pretty sure you are aware of the most technological advancement in printing industry which is the existence of DTG printing! We’ll prefer not to go to the cold, hard facts with the technical-nerdy jargons – so we have stripped down each of the benefits to present you in a very unique way; questioning you back. Should you answer YES to any 1 of these questions below, then you know you are destined to be here finding our company.



  • Do you only want to print 1 piece of T-shirt but no printer company wants to print it for you?
  • Does your printer company tell you they can’t print complex photography or effects on your tee?
  • Are you looking for unlimited colors printing?
  • Want to get your tees ready in just few hours?
  • Are you running in tight budget?
  • Did you print a tee few months ago and now the ink layer is cracking up?
  • Do you want to print only a few tees but you need it in a short time?
  • Are you a fan of a game, movie or artist so much that you feel like you should own a tee as a tribute?



  • Aww, are you that sweet person who loves roses and poetries? Print a tee and let her see that you are proposing her!
  • Going for a honeymoon trip and felt like you want to tell the whole world both of you are married? Worry no more as we will print your best photos as your couple tees design!
  • Who said romance will ever get old? Show your spouse how much you mean to them by printing a tee and wear it on your anniversary date!



  • Are you a person who loves making garments that stand out and make a statement?
  • Tired of your previous printed tees not being the same in terms of its sharpness and color accuracy?
  • Are you a lover of gradient and all those fancy effects?
  • Are you a Photoshop or Illustrator expert and you want nothing but seamless printed material as what you have designed?
  • Are you struggling that the printer companies tell you that you have to make your already good design simpler?
  • Tired of having to design molds before you print the tees?
  • Are you looking for a simple digital solution which uses only USB to send your artwork to printer?



  • Looking for trendsetting designs?
  • Are you selling shirts specifically for youths?
  • Do you have a tight capital to start with?
  • Or perhaps, you are only intending to buy tees stock in small quantities?
  • Are you looking for higher profit to cost ratio?